Monday, November 7, 2011

A Stinky Day

The moment my alarm rang, I smelt it. That awful, makes you want to hurl, burnt rubber and onions musty smell of fresh skunk spray. Smelling and seeing skunks has been a regular occurrence during our 2 1/2 years of living in Vidalia, which MUST unofficially be the skunk capital of the world. I didn't think too much of the smell as skunks spray around our house often. So, annoyed, I sauntered off to shower.

After exiting the bathroom, I realized the smell had gotten even stronger. I literally gagged. My next morning task is to let the dogs out.  As I opened the door to the "bonus room" (where the dogs sleep), I immediately noticed three things: 1) the smell, even stronger, kicked me in the gut, 2) the door  to the outside world was wide open, and 3) one dog was missing.

Not really sure what to do, I ran to rouse my hubby. That's basically how I handle all emergencies... run to Stephen. So, he woke up, walked outside, and called the dog. The pooch came running home, but had a big, smelly yellow spot on her chest. Seeing that this was going to tie-up my morning, I called my principal to let her know I would be late. She asked if I wanted to take the day off and take care of things. I decided I should.

So, first things first, we bathed the dog. First with a dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide formula. Then with regular soap. Then with the "formula" again. Repeat 4 times. Next, I cleaned up the piles of puke that she had left in the room (I guess getting sprayed by a skunk makes you sick) and scrubbed the floors in the areas that had what appeared to be skunk oil on them.

I have opened all the doors and windows and am trying to let the house air out. While the smell is much better than this morning, it is still pretty stinky.

Only Oscar knows what really happened...
I am sure this afternoon will include another dog bath and floor scrubbing, but, for now, I had to take a break to inform you of this craziness. Plus, I am about to eat lunch with my man, which makes things much better!  :)

I still don't know if the skunk came in and sprayed the dog or if the dog went out, got sprayed and returned to be sick. Whatever actually happened only our little Chiweenie knows. Lucky for him, he was crated and therefore spared from the whole getting sprayed by a skunk ordeal.

This day will forever be remembered as the stinkiest day off. Yuck.

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  1. I can totally relate and commiserate! LOL We have been knocked over by that smell a time or two due to our dogs. The worst part is... fair warning... you might not know it but you probably smell like skunk too. Now is a really good time to learn who your real friends are. Ask them if you stink. The truth is, you probably do! (((hugs))) That is no fun AT ALL!