Friday, March 16, 2012

By His Grace

We were blessed to be able to have a sneak peek at baby Powell today. Here he/she is at 9 weeks 4 days.

It's funny, I thought I would have be many words to write, but I am almost speechless. Of course, the first thing I said was, "God is good."  But, I wonder if that is the right thing to say?  I mean, yes, God is good - infinitely so! But, I want to be careful about saying God is good just because something I want has happened. That is not what makes Him good. He's not good because I have a healthy pregnancy.  He is good because He is God. He was just as good 6 months ago during the third miscarriage as he is today when I sat in the doctor's office and heard a heartbeat.  He hasn't changed; He is good and sovereign in all things.  Not just now, not just today, but always.

However, this pregnancy has shown me just how gracious God is. There is nothing about mine or Stephen's depraved selves that deserve the blessing of a child.  Yet God, in his wisdom and by his overwhelming grace, has made it so, thus far. At each sonogram and wave of nausea, I am reminded that it it by the grace of God that we are here.  I am completely underserving, but so grateful. I know I don't deserve to be blessed like this. So, tonight I am praising God for his sweet grace. It is by His grace that we are celebrating a healthy baby at 9 weeks and 4 days. To God be the glory.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Beautiful Sound

We heard the beautiful sound of our baby's heartbeat at our appointment on Thursday. With each passing day, I feel more hopeful. I am letting myself start to plan and dream about this little one.

According to the ultrasound, baby Powell measured 6 weeks and 5 days, when, by the calendar, he/she should be 7 weeks 3 days.  However, I know the more important thing is that there was good growth from last week to this week, and I know a strong heartbeat is a good sign.

After the appointment, Stephen and I went for lunch together. At random moments one of us would mimic the sound of the heartbeat, "Ba....thump. Ba......thump. Ba....thump." We would break into huge grins all over again. We are blessed to be this far.

Our baby's  heartbeat: a beautiful sound!  To God be the glory.