Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grace Overcomes

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I made the 10+ hour trip back to our “home-town” to spend some time with family. In addition to seeing family and friends, I got to meet my nephew, Calvin, who was only a week old at the time.
Several of you knew that this was going to be a sweet, but possibly difficult experience and offered up prayers for me.  I write this blog to tell you, “THANK YOU.”
Calvin was the first newborn I held since our miscarriage.  I was scared. I was scared that all my sinful emotions would come bubbling to the top, and I would enter into “pity-party mode.”  Jealousy, pity, anger, and resentment were just a few of the sinful emotions I knew lurked inside my heart.  Knowing this, I repented and prayed. Thankfully, I also had many people interceding on my behalf.
When I held that baby boy, by the sheer grace of God all I felt was love. That’s it - just an amazing, overwhelming and unexplainable love. It was absolutely nothing I can boast in; it was 100% a work of God.
Thank you, Lord, for your grace. I absolutely don’t deserve it.
Friend, know this, the grace of God can overcome anything.

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