Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worth It

Ministry life is not always easy. Yet, there are special moments in ministry that I am both blessed and humbled to get to witness. These special moments make any difficult times worth it. Today, I would like to share with you ten things I love about being in ministry.
1)      Seeing people “take up” their "cross" and follow Jesus.
2)      Hearing testimonies of God’s power and provision in people’s lives.
3)      Being able to pray for individuals' hurts, struggles, and healing.
4)      Seeing people grow hungry for the Word of God.
5)      Having spiritual and theological conversations.
6)      Seeing people experience authentic worship.
7)      Talking with people about what they are reading in the Bible.
8)      Seeing people change the music they listen to and the books they read.
9)      Watching people realize and answer the calling God has placed in their lives.
10)   Developing precious friendships that will last for life.
Because of these things (and many others), I am beyond thankful to God for my life as a minister’s wife.

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