Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eight Years.

Eight years ago this month I met Stephen. I had planned to blog about this the entire month of November, but here I am, the day before December, finally getting around to it! I can’t believe I have had Stephen in my life eight years, but on the other hand I can’t imagine my life without him.
Eight years ago, I was a junior in high school. On November 8th, I found myself attending a football game I did not want to go to. My high school (Union County) was playing a rival high school (Bradford County) for their homecoming (yes, that is how pitiful our football team was that year). My two best friends were going “guy hunting,” and I really did not want to go. But, for some reason, I made a last minute decision and went.  That was the night that my friend Kristyn introduced me to Stephen, with whom she had attended elementary school.
I remember he was wearing a dark blue Unionbay sweatshirt.  I also quickly noticed the True Love Waits ring he wore on his hand. Our first conversation consisted of all the normal stuff, plus talk about church and Christianity. I also learned that he was a singer, which I thought was awesome! I remember thinking that this is the kind of guy I should think about marrying.
During the rest of November we began dating. Our first date was on a rainy Saturday to lunch at Larry’s Giant Subs. He came to my door with an umbrella and escorted me to his gold Cavalier. I remember singing a Third Day song together with the radio as we rode in the car.  I knew I had found someone special. Our second date was to play pool at the bowling alley. I beat him handily. I was so proud until 6 months later I figured out he had let me win!
As I think back to that November 8 years ago, I smile.  I am so blessed to have met a man that truly seeks after God.  I am blessed that I have been a part of what God is doing in him and through him for the past 8 years.  Little did I know November 8, 2002, would be a night that I would forever remember as the night I met my best friend and husband.

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