Friday, January 30, 2015

Catch up: Fall-Winter

November and December were a whirlwind of sickness, surgery, buying a house, moving, and holiday festivities.

As a side note, if I ever try to move in December again, please remind me that I am the wife of a worship pastor and that is not a good idea!

The House

I never thought we would be homeowners. It still blows my mind how quickly and perfectly it all

We bought our cute little 1950 home from some precious church members. Our realtor, who is a retired elder from our church had told us about this house and that it was about to come on the market. They agreed to let us see it before it went up for sale. It was a Friday evening, I had a cold, Jude was sick (the puking kind) and we had just received a newborn foster baby. So, Stephen decided to go look at the house alone, when he returned he was excited and encouraged me to go see it.  So, I did. I think we put in an offer on Sunday.

In between this this time and our closing date, Stephen became jaundiced. His gallbladder was DONE and needed to come out. So, he had a two procedures and a surgery to take care of all that. It was a crazy couple of weeks!

We moved into our house on December 5th. This was the week before the Christmas production. Yikes! It was crazy. I was very pregnant and hubs was only a couple weeks out from surgery, yet we managed.  Mostly because some sweet family blessed us with the gift of a moving company. I am not sure how we could have done it otherwise!

The Kid

Jude is a full blown 2 year old (as of October). We celebrated his birthday with a few of our Oklahoma friends and even Granna was able to be here for it. It just amazes me how much he grows, learns and talks.

Granna and sick Jude
We have very few pictures of our Christmas trip home to Florida this year. This is because Jude had
the FLU while we were there. He was miserable. Needless to say we didn't get to see as many people as we had hoped, but we are so thankful no one else caught it. We will forever remember 2014 as the Christmas Jude had the flu and my sister sprayed everything with lysol - even a PINE TREE after Jude touched it - and made people wear hospital masks. Oh, memories.

Thankfully, we made it through the flu with no febrile seizure. This is huge! He had fever for 6 days and it spiked up to 104-105. I hope and pray perhaps this means they will be fewer in our future!

He started to feel slighty better the last two days we were there. So we squeezed in his first fishing trip  with Granna and an evening of seeing the lights with Grandad and Grandma.
First fish!
Looking at lights with Grandad

The Church

We love our church more and more every day. Frequently, Stephen and I will look at each other and ask "How did we end up here?" We feel inadequate to serve such a special body, but we cherish it so much.

We adore our Community Group, which has in every way, been our family here in Oklahoma. They are so precious to us and truly do life together day in and day out.
Jude at the Christmas Eve service

After the Christmas Eve service


We are getting so close to welcoming a new baby - only 6 more weeks until my due date. This pregnancy has flown by. We actually got to take an extra sneak peek and baby this week since I have been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead. We still have no idea if this little is a girl or boy, but I am anxious to find out!
Our Baby!

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