Saturday, October 19, 2013

Parents of a Toddler

Today, we became parents of a toddler. (Yup, he is ONE!)

And. I. Love. It.

I am going to confess something that may sound completely awful-sounding but, I am just being candid. My yearning to have kids has always been just that - for "kids."  When I dreamed of being a mama, I didn't really dream of the newborn and infant stage, instead I envisioned the learning and exploring age. Now, did I cherish holding my itty bitty baby? Absolutely. Do I think it went by too fast?  Heck yes! Did I love watching Jude complete all of his "firsts?" Yes!  But, with all things considered, I am excited (not mournful) to become the mama of a toddler.

As we have approached the big ONE, I realize more and more that there is just something in me that is just ready and excited for the teaching and training stage. So, I really look forward to this next year (and beyond).

There are so many things I love about Jude's one-year-old-self. So, for this post, I am going to share all the sweet things that I want to remember about our one-year-old.

I love that when he figures out how to do something new he does it over and over and over again. Like he is "practicing" it!  Two nights ago, he figured out he could walk between our bookshelf and dining table. So he did. Then walked back. Repeat. Times 20.

I love that I can say, "Walk to mama," and he lets go of whatever he is holding on to (such a sweet picture of trust) and toddles to me with the biggest, proudest grin.

I love that when he wants something he says, "Sees" or "Zeez." (His version of please.)

I love that when we lay him down at night he rolls over on his belly because he wants us to pat his back while we pray over him.

I love that when I tell him, "Say, 'yes mam,'" he does two quick nods.

I love that he is such an observer.

I love that he is trying so hard to talk. It is so much fun to teach him words and so cute to hear his rendering of them!
      Some of his words:
                    "sheees"...... shoes
                     "tesss" ....... trees
                    "ah-dee"...... daddy
                    "uh-tuh"...... Oscar
                     "dut" .........  duck
                   "uhma" .......  amen
                    "zeees" ...... please
                     "tahs" ........  toes
                  "tik -tidd"..... tickle- tickle
                    "oo - be" ..... movie (My Baby Can Read)

I love that he opens his books and "reads" them.  In Jude's world, all the books say, "Noi, Noi, Noi, Noi."

I love that when we say, "Play the drums," whatever surface is near becomes his personal bongo!

I love that he is an amazing eater. The boy eats everything. And, is really determined to use utensils.

I love that he loves to be outside.

I love that he loves animals and trucks.

Each and every one of these things is a grace of God in Jude's life. All the Glory belongs to him.

Today, Jude turns one and we have so much to be thankful for.

We praise God for his Word, our mentors, and gospel-centered books which have guided us in how to parent. We give glory to God for his growth and development. We praise God that we have seen fruit from Biblical discipline. We praise God that he has given us this precious little boy and has used him to sanctify us.

We praise God for Jude. We praise him for the gift of parenthood.

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  1. Sweet post of a sweet boy (and parents). We have enjoyed watching him grow this first year too!