Thursday, May 30, 2013

7.5 Months

7 months - 21.5 lbs
When the time came to write a 7 month update (May 19th), I just couldn't find the motivation. Jude didn't have many new developments to write about since the 6 month post. But, the week following so many things changed. Mamas, does that happen with your little one too? All the sudden they make leaps and bounds?

So, all the pictures were taken on the 18th, but most of his new developments happened the week after.

First, let me say that a few of his developments are late, comparatively speaking. My friends' kiddos who are close in age have reached some of these milestones weeks and even months ago. Of course, it is fun to be the mama who gets to say, "My kid is already ______ ing!" But, even though it has taken him a while, I am not letting this steal the sheer joy of seing him grow and develop. Why do moms feel like this is a contest? I don't know why, but there is a temptation to worry if our kid isn't the first to roll, crawl, walk, etc.

Jude playing with sweet baby Vivian.
As he approached 7 months, he began rolling over. This started with him doing it in his sleep. He has always hated being on his tummy (probably why it has taken him so long to do this). This sleep-rolling resulted in a few nights of poor sleep. But, on the day he turned 7 months old, he mastered it and now prefers to sleep on his tummy. I love walking in to his room to get him out of his crib and seeing his little head sticking up as he looks around for me.

In the last week, he has gotten stronger so quickly (from the rolling and increased belly time) and can now almost push up to hands and knees. However, I have a hunch that he might be a but-scooter instead of a crawler. When sitting up he rocks back and forth, so we shall see!

Monday, May 20th, he woke up babbling. He has been such a quiet, serious baby from the start, so its really fun to hear the da, da, das and the na, na, nas all the time.

Jude chilling with his Granna (my mom)
He. Eats. Everything. Whatever we are eating he eats. I would love to tell you that I am doing this purposefully, but honestly, I am just too lazy to make purees or cook him a separate meal and don't want to buy baby food (for budget reasons). I do hope that this helps him be a well-rounded eater. At his cousin Calvin's birthday, his great-grandfather let him take a couple bites of his hamburger and gave him a bbq potato chip! He seems to like savory food (like meaty, garlicky  or cheesy foods) better than fruit. He LOVES hummus! Some of the other things he regularly eats: salmon, broccoli, yogurt, black beans, squash, zucchini, grits, chicken, quinoa. Oh, and of course, biscuits from Maple Street!

Held by his Mugga (Stephen's grandmother) and fed by my papa.

He gnawed on Papa's burger!
Jude has loved to try and drink out of my cup or bottled drink since about 6 months. I think more than being thirsty, he thinks it is fun. Just this past week has mastered straw-drinking. But, he has also figured out that something fun happens if he blows in the straw. Ut-oh.
Such a blessing that his GREAT grandfather can play with him like this!

Our schedule is much more flexible now. If his nap or bedtime is a little off he can stay awake and remain pretty pleasant. He officially moved to two naps over the past couple weeks (we weaned him gradually) at 9:30 am and 2 pm. He is also now on a 4 hour nursing schedule! I am loving this!

Thankfully, he is doing much better sitting for family worship time. Praise God for his grace in that. There were days when I thought, "He is too young, he doesn't understand, why are we doing this?" But, I am glad we continued. Sure, he doesn't know what is happening, but I think it is good to expect him to be a part of it now.

Jude and my granny.

Jude and my papa. This man loves babies!

He is beginning to understand the word "no." Not always. but sometimes when we tell him no he prostests. He definitely protests when you take a phone from him. Why are kids so obsessed with those things?

Parenthood is so much fun. Especially now that the "new parent syndrome" is wearing off. By that, I mean the determination that you are going to make all the right decisions and the anxiety that accompanies every tiny parenting decision you make as if that decision is going to impact your kid for the rest of their life. Try as I might, I was not immune to it. Thankfully, it is subsiding and [most] things are just not that big of a deal anymore.

We just love this little boy to pieces.

Love those rolls!


  1. He is such a doll! I remember Joshua being his age and thinking that drinking out of my water bottle was the best thing... because no one else would let him drink from theirs. Don't let the other baby milestones bug you, remember your Psych background, at longs as you fall in norms you're good to go:)

  2. Rolls on a baby are irresistible!! You are doing a great job, Mama!