Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6 months

And, we have a 6 month old!

Suddenly, it doesn't seem like we have a baby anymore. He is beginning to act so much more grown up these days. He wants to grab and explore everything. He gets upset if we take or move something that he wants to hold. He does things to try and get people's attention. He smiles at people when they talk to him.

I am loving this age!

There have been many changes since my 5th month update! First, Jude no longer has a pacifier. I always hated the thing; we took it cold turkey the week he turned 5 months old. Also, naps have MAJORLY improved due to "nap training." (I plan to write a separate post about that endeavor!) He is sitting up like a pro! I can leave him for a long period of time sitting up on his own. He has two little bumps on his bottom gums where his teeth are beginning to come in. I can feel his left one. He also has begun to eat and enjoy solid foods; so far, he has eaten banana, avocado, sweet potato, carrots and oatmeal. He is physically capable of rolling over, but chooses not to do so. Oscar is still the most interesting thing in the house, and for now, Oscar thinks Jude is pretty cool, too. Unfortunately, Jude is determined to "taste" Oscar (see picture below)...

Jude and I went to the beach on Friday, which was his actual six month birthday. He loved it. He played in the sand and tried to eat it. He watched all the people, dogs, and seagulls. He even took a nap on the beach. We had a blast, but I had a major mommy fail.  When I lathered him up with sunscreen, I tried not to get it in his eyes. This resulted in him getting sunburnt in two circles around his eyes. It looked terrible!  Thankfully, it looked much better the next morning, and it did not seem to bother him.

Stephen and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last month. We look forward to the milestones in next.


  1. He is so precious! I love how after a long struggle to get pregnant God came through and gave you such a wonderful healthy baby boy. Our God truly is amazing. I hope y'all are doing great, and I'm sure Mommy-hood is much better than Math Teacher:) This school year is about to eat me alive!

  2. Oh, he is sooo adorable!! I love the picture of him at the beach in his cute little hat! :) And I had my own "mommy fail" the other day - we were outside for about an hour and I didn't think to put sunscreen on Micah. His poor little cheeks and arms were pink the next day! I felt horrible. So know you're not alone! And honestly, I wouldn't even call it a fail - just learning experiences! ;) Keep up the great work!