Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I am 27 weeks.  And that means, that this time next week, I will be writing you from the third trimester. Can you believe it? Somedays, I still can't. And, when I think that we haven't even started on a nursery (other than planning - see my Pinterest board) it seems unbelieveable.

27 weeks.
Week 27 has taught me that I am not superwoman. I know, I know, you're shocked (insert sarcasm). I fully anticipated keeping up my running regimen and not struggling with it until at least week 32 or 33. HA! I mean, I am still getting a "run" in twice per week and walk 3-4 miles on the other days. But, the days of running an easy 5 miler are long gone.  Instead, I run either a quarter or half of a mile then walk a minute or two - then repeat that for a total of 3-4 miles. Somedays, I cant even do that much!

I had a pretty good run Saturday morning. I ran most of 4 miles and felt good. No ligament pain, hip pain, and it wasn't too hot. I felt pretty proud of myself.  But an hour later, I wound up with awful pelvic pain. So, I shuffled around wincing for the rest of the day. I began to think maybe my running days are over. I was relieved that it was gone the next morning.

My midwife told me that I could keep running as long as I "listened to my body." I am pretty sure this is what she meant. So, I am slowing it down even more. I ran with some ladies from church on Monday night, who are doing the couch to 5k program.  They alternated 2 minutes running with 1 min walking. I had no pain after that, so I will follow a similar plan for the next couple weeks.

The little one should arrive mid-October. October would have been the month that I really got back into marathon training. I still hope to run at least a half-marathon in February or March. But, we shall see how quickly I am able to bounce back after delivery. I figure, why not aim high?

I have not been great about blogging pregnancy updates, and I somewhat regret that.  I love reading other blogger's pregnancy updates. So, here's an official update:

How far along -  27 weeks and 1 day

Maternity clothes - Oh, yes. I am blessed that I have had a ton of clothes lent to me. 

Weight gain - 17 lbs. I had hoped to stay around 25 lbs for the entire pregnancy, but if I gain a pound a week from here on out, that will put me at 30. I can't imagine where I'd be if I hadn't kept up exercising and eating (fairly) well. Sheesh! I noticed my weight gain picked up a bit after I started following the Brewer Diet recommendations for protein. It takes quite a bit of food to get 90-120 grams of protein each day. But, since doing that, I quit noticing swelling in the evenings. I also have much more energy and don't need afternoon naps.

Stretch marks - None.... yet. But, the heparin shots do leave me a bit bruised up. So, there will NOT be any bare belly maternity pics. (Not that I was really planning on it.)

Belly Button - Innie and I am wiling to bet it stays that way.

Sleep - Sleep and I have always been BFF. Thankfully, I am the worlds HEAVIEST sleeper so the little one's movements don't keep me up. Stephen says he has touched my tummy while I was sleeping and the baby was moving around. Meanwhile, I was dead to the world. I am sure I will sleep lighter once our little one arrives! 

Movement - Yes. Most active an hour after I walk/run or as I am trying to go to sleep.  But, it seems our little one is pretty quiet compared to what I hear from other prego ladies. 

Food I'm loving - Dairy - Milk, greek yogurt, sour cream, cheese!

Food I'm hating - Not a thing! 

Symptoms - Somedays, I don't really feel pregnant. So, I just now asked Stephen, "What are my symptoms?"  He said, "Belly."  I had to laugh, because that's about it lately (if you don't count the pains I had from my run).

Gender - Still don't know! And won't until they arrive. :) Most of the votes have been for a boy, but my mom and sisters say girl. I honestly have NO idea. Apparently, I am not one of those mamas that "just know." 

What I'm looking forward to - IKEA!  I am visiting my parents in a couple weeks so I will be in the vicinity of an IKEA and have a few things picked out there.  (crib, rocker, high chair)

What I miss - Enjoying running.

Emotions -  I cry a little more easily, but no totally crazy mood swings. 


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