Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Mini-Vaca

A little over a week ago, we had the wonderful pleasure of spending a 4 day weekend in Destin, Fl. We enjoyed this mini-vacation immensely. The best part was that we got to share this time with some very special people.  One of the most difficult parts of ministry is living far away from family and close friends, so we relished the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones.

Joining us in Destin was my sister, Dayle, her husband, John, and my precious nephew Calvin. We also invited our best friends from college Mike and Angie and their three kids Jon, Wesley, and Renee.

It was fantastic to spend time with my sister and to see my precious nephew. It was also a blessing to meet Mike and Angie's kids for the first time. Mike and Angie adopted their three kids in December. Their story is amazing and may make you cry, but is a must read!  You can read their story here.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. You can see more of Angie's pictures here.

Kite flyin'

John, Dayle and Calvin


Stephen and Me ready for church.

Jon and Wesley


Stephen, Me and Renee

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  1. beautiful photos, megan!! what a wonderful and relaxing getaway you had with loved ones. I LOVE your new's so sweet :)
    you are beautiful and i hope you, the mr and baby are doing great <3
    sending lots of love!