Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Forward to 2012

Last year, instead of doing the traditional summary of 2010, I did a post entitled "Looking Forward." This post was about all the things I looked forward to happening in the upcoming year. In the spirit of creating a New Year's posting tradition, I am doing the same this year. So, here is a glimpse of the things I look forward to in 2012:

Children. I hate to be predictable, but I can't help it. Stephen and I have been talking much about pregnancy, foster care and adoption over the past few months. We believe that one or more of these will be brought to fruition this year. Please, should you think about it, pray for us in this.

Honduras. I literally spend all year yearning to go back to this country. My most precious memories in life have been traipsing throughout the Honduran jungle, kissing dirty brown cheeks, and feeding hungry tummies while we share the Gospel. I have been on several trips, but took a team of 16 from our own church to this country in 2011. (Check out my posts tagged "Honduras.") This year, our church will send two teams to this country. A team of 16 will go on a ministry trip during the last week in July. A team of 10 will go on a building trip in October, to build a church for a congregation. As He has in the past, I know God will do amazing things through these trips!

Family Worship. Stephen and I have decided to be more committed to regular family worship time in our home.  We always thought we would do this once we had children, but we realized this was a priority we need to establish now, so it will already be a routine when life gets hectic with children. This was largely influenced by the book "Family Driven Faith," a book I highly reccomend.

Lifestyle.  I have been convicted many times over the past year about simplifying my living. By this, I mean being content with what I have, and living only with what I need. I must be honest, I am not totally sure all that this entails, but I am praying and seeking out ways to simplify my living. I recently came across the story of Katie Davis, and her story has deeply encouraged me to live differently. I know she will inspire you as well!

As I look forward to these things, I hold my plans and dreams loosely. I am reminded that God holds the future, and I want NOTHING more than to humbly submit to His will.  I am reminded that often times His plans are not my own, but His plans are always better than my own. 

Happy New Year!

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  1. These are great thoughts! And similar to my own. :) I love Katie Davis' story and her heart to serve God. Such a great reminder about what it's all truly about!